Monitoring of equipment

The operation principle of equipment monitoring subsystem is presented at the left picture (top view). Each unit of a 19-inch rack rail has a flat capacitive sensor. When a piece of equipment, for example, a server, is mounted in the rack the corresponding sensor changes its state. The state of the sensor is transmitted to the controller over RS485 bus. The controller containing a RFID reader feeds the signal of the RFID reader to the RFID antenna (PCB microstrip anatenna) located along the rack rail. The RFID reader scans all RFID tags of equipment mounted in the rack. The new RFID tag appeared among scanned RFID tags is definitely stuck on the piece of equipment just mounted. Thereby we can identify the equipment as well as its unit number (height) in the rack.

A front view of the subsystem is shown at right. An important part of the equipment monitoring subsystem is a distributed multiplexer. Its task is to feed the RF signal from the RFID reader either to the RFID antenna or to the next distributed multiplexer. As a result one RFID reader and one RF cable can serve up to 40 telecommunication racks tracing movement of equipment in a server room or a data centre.