RFID readers are still expensive, which is why we use one controller containing a RFID reader for 30-40 telecommunication racks. The RF signal from RFID reader is transmitted to racks by the use of distributed multiplexers based on microprocessors and mounted in every rack. Each rack has set of standard Infra-Red sensor that monitor placement of equipment. Signals of the sensors are transmitted to the controller over two wire RS485 bus. If a sensor change its state (a network equipment is mounted in a rack) then the corresponding distributed multiplexer connects the RFID antenna of the rack to the RFID controller. The latter identifies the equipment mounted. More detail of this subsystem is described in the section Monitoring of equipment.

Monitoring of cable connection puts into practice in the similar manner. If a cable plug connection takes place then the corresponding IR-sensor of connection is activated. After that the unique ID of the plug (for example, RJ45 or LC) is received by the RFID reader. Details of the subsystem implementation are presented in the page Monitoring of connections.

The subsystems of Monitoring of equipment and Monitoring of connections are based on the same principals. However the subsystems can be mounted independently.